Using Bitbucket hooks to automatically update a version of your Website

<taps mic twice> "Uh... Is this thing on?" <squeal of feedback> Right - straight to business. Do you have the following set-up (roughly): Your website code »

Watch ITV channels live on Android Devices

Unlike the iOS app, the ITV Android app doesn't have live streaming. This is quite annoying when there's a World Cup on. Thankfully, there's a fairly simple way you can »

Display and group by channel titles in ExpressionEngine multiple relationship Fields

If you have a multiple relationship field assigned to get entries from more than one channel... you already know what I'm about to say don't you - it sucks doesn't »

Quick script: synchronise from a remote ExpressionEngine Database

Note 1: the following was only tested on OSX connecting to a Debian server, but it should also work in other set-ups. Note 2: I am not at all responsible »

Thirt:ee - 30 free ExpressionEngine add-ons I find Useful

Yeah, so my first post is effectively one of those terrible 'listicle' things: They won't always be like this - promise. Anyway, here are all the free add-ons I almost »